Holistic Dog Training
Better Nutrition. Better Fitness. Better Obedience. Better Life.
Available within 20 Miles of Cresson, PA

    "I work with folks who want to save time by having me come to them to provide training in real-life situations and to stop their dogs from doing certain behaviors. I work with people who struggle getting their dogs to listen reliably around distractions, who have dominant or insecure dogs, or who have dogs who simply lack manners. What separates my service from others is that my programs are easy to learn, efficient, safe, and effective for ANY dog and can be applied in ANY situation. Because of this, my clients gain confidence in knowing how to calmly handle any situation, peace of mind in knowing that their dog will listen, and a happier life with their dog."

    ~Bronwyn Katdaré 


    Bronwyn Katdaré has earned graduate degrees in the areas of Criminology and Forensic Science & Law.


    • Graduate of North State Canine Academy at Tarheel Canine Training, Inc., NC.  

    • Graduate of Northeast Canine Conditioning Academy, NJ.

    • Graduate of The Dunbar Academy (with the world-renowned veterinarian, nutritionist, behaviorist, and dog trainer, Dr. Ian Dunbar).

    Bronwyn is a CERTIFIED:

    • Pet Obedience trainer

    • Police K9 trainer and handler instructor

    • Scent Detection K9 trainer and handler instructor

    • Explosives Detection K9 Team Handler

    • Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS) to work with pet, sport, and working dogs on all aspects of their physical fitness in order to keep them injury-free in their work and sport careers, to keep weight in check for all dogs, and to help them learn new activities


    Additionally, Bronwyn worked in animal rescue for 10 years and has experience training dogs from puppy - geriatric ages, and those who have special needs such as blindness or deafness.  She is an expert in difficult-to-train dogs.


    Bronwyn is praised for clarity in communication and gracefulness in instructional leadership.  Bronwyn's work with dogs is regionally recognized for efficacy in progressive training methods.

    Meet Coach Bronwyn

    **Available outdoors-only at a public site in Cresson, PA. **Weather Permitting April-November **MASKS ARE REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS** One hour, once per week in your home...
    Training Essentials Private Program
    1 hr
    $500 per program

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    Success Stories

    Our life before training with Bronwyn was chaotic! Our dog did what he wanted when he wanted, & distractions made it almost impossible. There is a lot less stress in the house & everyone is happier! It is very evident Bronwyn sincerely loves what she does & enjoys the dogs she works with. She takes the self-consciousness out of it by explaining what she is doing & the reasons why. She is available & welcomes questions. Today, we feel more in control & confident using the skills we learned through training. The time spent with Bronwyn is a gift that has improved the quality of Mowgli’s life & our lives.

    Sophie & Violet were in the Rookie Day Training. What a difference in their behavior from beginning to end! We contacted Bronwyn because we were unable to control them: jumping on everyone & pulling on walks. We were at our wits end.  In the first week of training we saw drastic improvement! They followed directions much better & didn't tug & run on walks. Some of the problem was with me. Bronwyn communicated how to be consistent with commands. We are so pleased with the training. She was there to train them, but enjoys being with the dogs & shows them affection. They get excited when they see her for their lesson. That made it easy for me to drop them off for a day of "school.” Our home is now less stressful & much more relaxed!

    My first words to Bronwyn were, "Please help! I think my puppy is Satan!" My Sam was only 3 months old, but he was large & totally out of control. Bronwyn explained that she normally doesn’t take puppies until they are 4 months old but she recognized my desperation & came to help us. She was incredibly patient with my little bundle of terror. He would jump, claw, & bite but her calm manner helped to calm him. In a few short weeks, Sam learned all of his commands & was a new dog. Three years later, Sam is a lovable, friendly, & calm dog. I can’t thank Bronwyn enough for helping us! [Sam & my dog are now best friends. They have gone to look at Christmas lights & have even gone on vacation together]!

    Living with Teddy was frustrating because he would not consistently follow commands. Walks were never fun because he would jump & nip. Teddy was in the Board & Train program. Bronwyn treated our dog like her own. He got to play with her dog & had 1:1 attention which allowed Bronwyn to focus on his needs. Teddy barked the whole time on car rides & Bronwyn offered to ride around with us so he would learn not to do that. Teddy is now a lot more calm & consistently listening to his commands. The difference is huge! We enjoy walking him now. The training is very effective without being harsh. Bronwyn was very patient with us learning to handle & train our dog under her guidance. She enthusiastically answered our questions, explained, & showed techniques to us until we were comfortable. Her techniques really work & we can’t believe the difference in Teddy!

    I have two 4 month old puppies. I never had two puppies at once so I thought it would be a good idea to have them trained. I work during the week & really found it beneficial that Bronwyn came to my house to train. I decided to go for it & am very happy that I did! Bronwyn is very knowledgeable & had an awesome demeanor with my pups. They learned very quickly & really liked her. I was very happy with learning, along with my dogs, the commands & hand signals. It was not overwhelming like I thought it might be. I really like that I can contact Bronwyn at any time if I have future concerns or questions even though the training is over. My puppies have learned valuable commands & skills that will be invaluable throughout their lifetime, which will make my life much easier & less stressful.  I highly recommend all that Bronwyn can do for you & your pets.

    Before training, our house was extremely chaotic & frustrating. It was a complete zoo & exhausting with our 3 dogs. They have improved greatly & we can walk through the house without getting tackled. There is order in the house again. Bella, Bernard, & Bertie loved Bronwyn! She was the calm in the chaos, always cheerful & encouraging, & so very patient with the dogs & us. We liked that training forced us to spend 1:1 constructive time with each of our dogs. By spending solo time with them, we’ve seen much more of their individual personalities. We are confident with our new skills. Bronwyn explained things as often as needed & showed us what to do. The more we practice, the easier it gets for all of us. It also helps to know that Bronwyn is just a phone call away. [Bertie helped in the creation & testing of the Canine Conditioning program].